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Massages aboard your Yacht in and around Cannes

Enjoy a massage aboard your yacht in the Cannes area. Les Massages de Naomi offers the care your body needs.

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A massage experience aboard your yacht

Enjoy an exclusive wellness experience with my massage services aboard your yacht. Whether you want to unwind after a day at sea or offer your guests an unforgettable luxury experience, I can cater to your needs.

You can enjoy the comfort and privacy of your own vessel while being pampered with a personalised massage tailored to your specific preferences and needs.

I am here to assist you whether you need a relaxing massage or aromatherapy. My services incorporate soothing essential oils to alleviate fatigue, stress and muscular tension. I also offer drainage massage to sportspeople.

Treat yourself to a massage aboard your yacht by Les Massages de Naomi, a well-deserved break on the high seas.

Massages aboard your Yacht Cannes
My Services
  • In-home massage
  • Relaxing massage
  • Aromatherapy
  • Sports drainage massage
  • Massage aboard yacht
My Strengths
  • Expertise since 2016
  • Personalised care
  • Availability
  • Professionalism
  • I can travel to various towns around Cannes.

Tailor-made massages and treatments aboard your yacht near Cannes

I provide personalised massage services on your yacht. My techniques and essential oils are specifically tailored to your needs. Whether you are sailing or currently docked, take some time for yourself and indulge in a moment of total relaxation and tranquillity.

Each session caters to your specific needs in this exceptional setting. I'm here to listen to you and offer personalised treatments using organic massage oils chosen based on your needs and health condition.

Each massage movement will transport you towards serenity and relaxation, eliminating tension and toxins to soothe your mind and revitalise your body.

I offer massage sessions aboard your yacht, whether you are at sea or docked.

Personalised massages aboard a Yacht Cannes